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I'm Jarod.
I help businesses sell more using design, usability and conversions.
About me
Don't have any decent photo's - so one from my wedding will do for now :)
My craft and specialty...

Is to put the power of design into your business.

Whether you are a small business or one of the biggest brands in the world, your first impression is an everlasting imprint on those who view your business. You need to be able to "wow" your website viewers with not only a website that is beautiful and is in line with your brand, but also be able to paint a picture on why they should be interested in your services in the first place to drive conversions for long-term success.

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My 3 pillars...
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Letting your customers know exactly what to do on your website while not having any problems.

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A website or funnel built with high conversion elements will increase your sales exponentially.

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Create a unique experience on your site and it will increase your authority over your customers.

Considered one of the greatest production studios working with companies like Apple, Uber, Chrysler & more.
Largest digital marketing agency in Africa leading clients to seeing double-figure growth every year.
Works with 20+ clients serving Mortgage Loan Officers, Real Estate, & Insurance Agents in digital marketing.
Digital marketing agency helping businesses grow by building innovative & high converting websites
Fairy Club is new and exciting venture aimed towards children and parents for Fairy Fanatics around the globe.

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