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I am a freelance web designer.

I work with fellow entrepreneurs, agencies, local business, & startups to craft a digital experience that leaves an everlasting imprint on those who view the business. With every project, there are always different goals, challenges, and new solutions to be made -- which makes every project fun as they are never the same.

I not only create beautiful websites & funnels using Webflow or ClickFunnels, but I also help develop brands from the ground up. Some being my own, like Kanio (sold) & now Muddy Bites™. I've had the pleasure of working, coaching, and collaborating with teams & serial entrepreneurs from all over the world -- including places such Australia, Dubai, United Kingdom, New Zealand, US, and many more.


hello emoji
I'm Jarod.
I help businesses sell more using design, usability and conversions.
About me
Don't have any decent photo's - so one from my wedding will do for now :)
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May 2015
Graduated high school with really no plan (don't we all?).
Lemars, IA
August 2015
Started at Iowa State University studying business management.
Ames, IA
June 2016
Started my first business, Kanio. Selling bracelets, anklets, & necklaces. Quickly grew from $0/month to $10,000+/month.
Ames, IA
December 2016
Dropped out of Iowa State University to pursue online ventures. Continued growing Kanio to $10-20,000 a month. Also started my 2nd business, a lead-generation marketing agency.
Ames, IA
March 2018
Sold my first business, Kanio at age 21.
Des Moines, IA
June 2018
Started designing and developing websites & sales funnels as a freelancer.
Des Moines, IA
August 2018
Created a Facebook Group sharing my online knowledge with others. While in the process, created a couple courses and now have 150+ students in my programs.
Spirit Lake, IA
October 2018
On top of everything, started a new business called Muddy Bites which is currently in the process of funding and growing into a national retail product.
Spirit Lake, IA
April 2019
Bought a home!
Spirit Lake, IA
August 2019
Got married to my beautiful wife.
Spirit Lake, IA
What I like to do...

My hobbies.

I get to work from home, so that's nice.
I like to shoot hoops and LET IT RAIN!
I enjoy working out to start my days.
I run a Facebook Group with 3,400+ driven entrepreneurs  - it's like a party.
Playing video games with friends.

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