Think about it, why would a business pay you $3,000 + if you don’t have any experience.

This actually does not mean they need to be REAL clients - they can simply be "practice" or "demo" sites. You just NEED something!

This can be done in a few ways.

And as always, I highly recommend Webflow for your web design needs. Webflow has allowed me to go from $1-3k a site to $3,000 - $10,000 or MORE (the highest site I’ve gotten paid for is $18,500.)

So let me break it down!

#1. Showcase CLONEABLE sites via Webflow.

If you use the Webflow showcase, there are lots of sites in there that you could "say" you've created. People add to the Webflow Showcase for you to CLONE them… aka, under the Webflow agreement, they are allowing you to have that site, so they don’t care if you clone & have it… otherwise, they wouldn’t have made it cloneable 🙂. There has to be at least 200+ sites (most are 1-pagers) that you can add into your account and use a “demo” site. If you go to my Webflow profile, I’ve got 5+ available to be cloned.

#2. Use free resources for Sketch, Figma, or photoshop designs, then import into Webflow.

I did this early on, years ago, but use someone else’s design that they are giving away for free, and import it manually yourself into Webflow. This is AMAZING for practice & your portfolio - do this! (credit the designer in your footer.) You can find designs for Sketch, Figma, & Adobe by simplifying Googling “Free design for _____(insert Sketch, Figma, etc.). If you’ve seen any of my trainings, or in my web design program, you can match designs inside of Webflow to near IDENTICAL.

#3. Re-create existing websites, using their assets.

Take a website, or brand, that you like, use their assets (logos, images, etc.) and create your OWN version of that site. A good example of this is my Beats by Dre redesign on my Webflow profile. If you go this route, I highly recommend the Google Chrome Extension “CSS Peeper” … it allows you to export all digital assets on a page, view color codes, and even fonts - it’s really cool. On top of this, if you’re redesigning a website, in your footer, or a hero banner, you need to note that you’re NOT affiliated in anyway with that business and that you simply did the design for “fun” or “practice”.

I recommend using 1 or all of these strategies and start building your Webflow portfolio.

You’ll want to do this before prospecting, growing your brand, or taking on any clients - I recommend that you have at least 3 projects that you can show them to help you close the deal - it makes closing clients for web design 100x EASIER.

I let my designs sell for me 75% of the time. They see them, wow’d, & pay me a butt load of money to make them something just as awesome.

I hope this helps! 👍🏼

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