Believe it or not, but cold email is still a great method to attract clients.

BUT, it depends entirely on one thing… your SUBJECT LINE.

Your subject line will decide whether your email gets opened, or completely ignored.

In this post, I'm going to be EXPOSING 5 of my best performing subject lines I have been playing with, experimenting with, and having my VA manage.

#1. “Question about [Company Name]”

This usually gets an open rate between 70-80%. Simply because business owner will think its a potential customer/client and needs help with something - therefore, why wouldn’t they open it? Personalization is something that will make you stand out, use it. Of course, once they open it, your body of the email needs to entice them to move forward.

#2. “Hey [First Name] - Meeting next Monday?”

This one is a little different, but usually gets a pretty good open rate because business owner may think they forgot about an important meeting. BUT, this could be a little misleading so be careful. Don’t make this your MAIN subject line, but split-test it. Again, this makes the biz owner think that there is a meeting already schedule, when really, you’re just asking if they’re free for a meeting - misleading, but has lead to $5k+ deals for me - give it a shot.

#3. “Hey [First Name] - Had a few ideas!”

Gets an open rate of around 50% most the time. This subject line is a combination of two high performing subject lines which its also something you should test. For example, if you have 2 winning subject lines, combine them together and test it out. Obviously, this subject line implies you’ve got some ideas for the business owner, it can spark a feeling on “curiosity” out of the business owner, thus, opening your email and seeing your body message in hopes to booking a call.

#4. “Idea for [Company Name]”

You should start to see a trend, subject lines with the business owners name and/or company name, tend to do well. This is sort of similar to #3, but implied you have ONE main idea… aka, a service.

#5. “I will do [Service] for [Company Name] completely free”

We don’t love it, but sometimes, free gets your foot in the door for an amazing, long-term, business relationship. This could be a free landing page, free 7-day trail to FB ads, free email sequence, free consultation, etc. - get creative. I understand no one likes to work for free, but if you’re just starting, it’s a good way to get off the ground. A couple years ago, I had a subject line similar to this & has lead to over $25,000 in partnership deals. Get your foot in the door and explore what can happen.

There you're!

I personally don’t do ANY prospecting, I have a VA that does it for me. But these are some of the subject lines we split-test daily. And these are the top 5 performing ones so you’re welcome.

For free - take fucking advantage and fire off 50 today.

Let me know how they do… I bet maybe 1 or 2 of you will actually do it.

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