With so many distraction we're faced everyday, sometimes, it's hard to actually put your head down and get some work done.

Here are some tips I've implemented recently that has 10x my productivity and allowed me to wrap projects up in no time.

TIP #1:

Want serious focus? It's obviously. TURN OFF All DISTRACTIONS.

  • The average person gets distracted every 45-90 seconds. Thus DESTROYING your productivity.
  • I HIGHLY recommend turning off your notifications, turning off your phone, putting silent on your computer, and/or even setting your phone in another room.
  • This will be super weird at first... but I promise, if you actually do it, over time, you'll gain serious productive momentum.

TIP #2

To add onto tip #1, regain your productivity with FOCUS SPRINTS.

I started doing these about 2 weeks ago and it's helped me go SO MUCH done is so little time.

  • With your distractions put away (tip #1), try and put focus towards one high-value task, for 90-minutes (get a timer app for your computer).
  • Follow this with a 20-minute "rest-time" to let your brain rest. This could include going for a walk, closing your eyes, drinking some water. Get some vitamin D.
  • Repeat this focus sprint for as often as you can throughout your day. You'll have sustained energy throughout your workday, so you can crush your to do list.
  • I usually focus on getting 3-4 focus sprints done a day.

TIP #3

Want to be more creative? Get bored.

  • That's right, make time to be bored. Chill in some quiet place away from screen and just let that beautiful mind of your wonder away.
  • When your brain is bored, your subconscious brain will kick in and start to string together ideas.

TIP #4

Introduce new stimuli

  • One a week take a new route to work, order something new of the menu, listen to a new audio book, etc. Just do something NEW.
  • When your brain has new stimuli, it can allow for some really fresh ideas.
  • New input in, Fresh ideas out.

I hope this helps in some way shape or form!

IF so, please let me know! 👇🏼

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