I usually don't write copy for my design clients, but when I do, I have a guide to ensure my team and I not only have an amazing looking funnel or website, but what makes a great funnel different from "average or boring" ones is...


And content contains images, motion, buttons, and of course copy.

Here are some tips, tricks, and hacks to writing GREAT copy for your landing pages and/or websites.

First, before we sprint, let's learn some of the basics...

First, write like a human. Don't overcomplicate, keep it straightforward, avoid passive voice and remember that your audience will probably not know all the technically or niche terms you know.

Second, watch the tone of your writing. As you do in real life, adapt to the context of the communication: a landing page is a reason to be excited and practical towards your users' needs.

Third, keep in mind who you are writing for. A landing page should "talk" to your CORE audience, so focus on what benefits your future users receive, rather than underlining your great idea.

Now let's get into breaking it down further.

  1. INTRODUCTION: the first section of the landing page needs to be able to sell on its own. Even if people never scroll down, they have to understand the value proposition of your product. The introduction consists of...
  2. ONE headline. Length up to 9 or so words. Keep it clean and clear, like writing like a human (^). Express the benefit of your product as perceived by your users (use "we" or "you" voice). Example: Earn money as an AirBnB host
  3. PITCH phrase. Length up to 25-40ish words. It expands on your headline and presents your value proposition. Example: List your home on AirBnB for extra income to fun home repairs or take a dream trip.
  4. CTA. It can do more things. Such as inviting people to opt-in for further information, watch a webinar, etc. Give them value in-exchange for their email address.
  5. ABOUT: Go deeper into selling or giving value of your product for your core audience. Structure benefits in sets of headline and expanding text, with one benefit per headline, going from one to three benefits per product.
  6. Headline - 12ish words
  7. Expanding text - up to 50ish words
  8. FEATURES: Describing the capabilities of your product or service, as well as managing expectations.
  9. Features can be anything from heaving a personal profile, to a rating system, calendar, map, literally whatever the frick your product is.
  10. MORE CTA's: Don't forget to include multiple CTA's throughout your landing page. Don't do JUST one but also don't do a 100. Do what looks right and feels right. I typically like to break it up by going every other section.
Thanks everyone!

I hope this helps in some way shape or form!

IF so, please let me know! 👇🏼

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