This post will teach you how to turn lead magnets into paying customers...

For those that don't know, a lead magnet is offering something (usually for free) in-exchange for a users information (typically their name, email, & maybe phone number). Such that when they "opt-in", you then delivery your "lead magnet".

Most understand this.

But most don't do anything behind that opt-in page.

And I HIGHYL RECOMMEND you start changing that.

There are a few ways to turn a lead magnet, into a buyer.

Let me discuss a couple ways! 👇🏼

#1. Lead Magnet to Scheduled Meeting.

This one is pretty common & I talk about it in one of my courses. But it is very simple. You offer your lead-magnet (or opt-in page) and after they opt-in, you delivery that magnet to their email, BUT while on the "Thank you page", you embed a calendar booking system so they can BOOK a phone call with you. This is where you then sell them into a program, service, etc. of yours or your client.

So it goes Opt-in (lead magnet) > Thank you page w/ calendar booking embedded.

Please, for the love of the Lord, don't give them something for free and then not take advantage of the eyeballs they now have on you.

#2. Lead Magnet to a Low Ticket Offer w/ Upsells.

Name says it all.

Offer them the free lead magnet and then on the next page, give them a STUPID GOOD offer that they can NOT turn down. Make it literally irresistible to where they will feel stupid if they don't get it. This will be your sales page.

You'll want to keep this low ticket. Meaning somewhere between $10-29. Low number that anyone can pull out their credit card and buy it.

After they click on your CTA, take them to a very simple order page to buy that low ticket product.

AFTER they order, give them an UPSELL. Why? Because they already pulled out their credit card info and if you're using ClickFunnels, it's literally just 1-click and they bought your upsell.

Once a buyer, always a buyer.

This upsell should be a compliment to your original low ticket offer. So if your first offer was $17 (low ticket) make this one like $47-97 that compliments the low ticket product. Now you're increasing your average order cart value. Then after that upsell, DO ANOTHER.

This next upsell could be $197-500.

Bring them up your value ladder.

This 2nd option would go as follows: Opt-in (lead magnet) > sales page > order page > Upsell 1 > Upsell 2 > Thank you page.


Hope this helps.

Please, if you're running a lead magnet for yourself or for a client, OFFER SOMETHING after they opt-in. Either booking a phone call or a low ticket offer.

You or your client will make more money.

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