Considered one of the greatest production studios working with companies like Apple, Uber, Chrysler & more.
Largest digital marketing agency in Africa leading clients to seeing double-figure growth every year.
Works with 20+ clients serving Mortgage Loan Officers, Real Estate, & Insurance Agents in digital marketing.
Digital marketing agency helping businesses grow by building innovative & high converting websites
Fairy Club is new and exciting venture aimed towards children and parents for Fairy Fanatics around the globe.
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Nothing makes you better at your craft then practice. That's why over the last 3 years or so, I have been improving my web design elements day in and day out.

Countries with clients served.

I work from home on a 27" iMac... which allows me to get work done efficiently and more importantly, work with whomever I want - from all over the globe.

Generated for clients.

I have had the pleasure to help create, consult, and manage client projects that have yielded a positive ROI each and every time. Making clients come back again & again.

My work evolves around...

3 Pillars.

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The website or funnel needs to be functional so that the customer enters and knows exactly what to do on your new site and not have any issues while visiting.
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Study where and what will be inserted on the page to make sure the conversion are as high as possible. Focusing on the end goal of the entire project (leads, sales, info, etc.).
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With usability and conversion elements at hand, it's time to put creativity into action to create a unique branded experience towards your business that users can fall in love with.
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Before we really get started, we need to first sit down and analyze the project and how I will conquer it for you. During this part, we'll have a discovery call so I can learn more about your business, your goals, your obstacles, etc. Then at the end, if we're a good fit, I'll tell you how I'm going to give you the end result you've been dreaming about.



With our brainstorm map and goal in hand, it's time to set up our "skeleton". Here we will define which pages the site will have, whether or not we're having a CMS, what content and which copy will be used, etc. All of this will be aligned with the goal that was set in stage 1.



With the "skeleton" of the project in hand, I will then put my creativity into practice. Here I will create the entire visual part of the website or funnel. I will apply my creative expertise along with the references we find in Brainstorm to create the most beautiful, responsive, and high-converting site you could have. The design stage included 3 rounds of revisions.



After finishing the design & making any requested revisions, I will develop everything into an actual website. Think of this as the time to bring the "drawings" to "life". The entire development stage will match identically to the design, while at the same time, adapting the design to fit ALL devices (desktop, tablet, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait), thus creating a responsive experience for each user.


Delivery & launch

After having the design and development is completed, I will work with you or your team to answer any questions, comments, or concerns as well as add in any integrations you may need (pixels, autoresponders, Zapier, etc.). And of course, add in a domain to your new site to give you peace of mind. Last thing is to setup hosting, which you can do on your own or you may setup hosting with me for continued support.


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